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Providing Everything You Need

Standard Interior Painting

and Re-Painting

Creating Spaces you want to be in. Whether you are redecorating one room or your whole house, we can help you achieve that look you are looking for. Using top-quality products with unbeatable craftsmanship.

  • Baseboards

  • Walls

  • Ceilings

  • Frames

  • Doors

  • Banisters

  • Spindles

  • Risers

  • Treads

  • Floors


Fine Brush

Finish Paint Application

The ability tu make lines that look made by a robot gives a supreme look to your home, and when you look at it from close you will be perplexed by such perfect work.

Do you have a very complex or challenging painting job? Do you have an idea that need a masterful hand to be created? Do you want a spotless paint job? Then Chez Picasso is for you. Put us to the challenge and you will be amazed.

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