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Wood Stain

Wood Stain

Interior & Exterior Staining:

Not only does staining allow you to refresh and revamp wood finishes in the interior of your home, but it also increases the lifespan of your wood. This can be a cost-effective way to bring back your wood’s vibrancy without having to do costly replacements. 

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Molding Restoration

Creativity on walls and moldings. Make that wall stand out and really make an impact in your space or create that relaxing space you always wanted away from the all distractions. We are able to restore those timeless regal designs and maintain them to the highest quality. Also we can recommend you the best moldings for an astonishing design, basically moldings are the frames to beautiful walls.




Are your cabinets due for a high-quality paint or stain?

We can help you achieve just about any look you want on your cabinetry.

New Cabinets (paint or stain grade)

Change Existing Painted Cabinets (changing colour or refresh)

Convert Oak or Other Hardwood Cabinets to a Quality Painted Finish

Apply a Distressed Look, Crackle, Old World or other Unique Glazing to your Cabinets

Removal of Hardware and Reinstall

Sprayed or Hand Brushed Options

Solid Colours or Light Antique Finishes

Staining & Lacquering of Existing Wood Cabinets

Stripping Old Finish and Re-staining

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