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  • How long have you been in business?
    Chez Picasso has been proudly serving the Greater Montreal areas for over 10 years because our past customers continue to come back again and again.
  • Do you supply the paint?
    Yes! Our trade accounts enable huge savings over the normal retail cost of paint and you won’t have to do any running around when we need more.
  • Will you do small jobs?
    We do. However, we have a minimum charge of $1000 + TAX for interior and $1800 + TAX for exterior.
  • Can you do urgent jobs in a tight deadline?
    If you have a paint job that needs to be done urgently, call us now! Maybe this will be your lucky day, if we have the available staff. If it’s not possible, we will tell you. And once we promise something, we make it happen! We always take pride in meeting the deadline!
  • Do you service my area?
    We service all areas within a 30km radius of Greater Montreal. If you would like to find out if we come to you, please call us on 514-895-7113, or email, and we will reply within 24 hours.
  • What are the prices for exterior and interior painting services?
    This completely depends on the type and size of the job. But we have different prices from $.6 per sqft to $1.1 per sqft. Give us a call for an estimate.
  • How many coats are recommended?
    The number of paint coats required varies depending on different factors, but it mostly depends on the method used. Typically, the spray paint gun only requires one coat of paint of 8-10 mils. For manual jobs, two coats are generally recommended.
  • Why master painters?
    +Master Painter have a proven track records +Master Painters provide quality workmanship and professional service +Master Painters provide professional advice and support if you need it +Your chosen painter will carry out the work professionally +Your chosen painter will, to the best of their ability, adhere to current environmental requirements +Master Painters are people who really care about customer satisfaction and the end result +Your chosen contractor will abide by the Association’s code of conduct
  • What paints do you use?
    We work with every major premium paint brand including Benjamin Moore, PPG, Sherwin-Williams, and Betonel Dulux. When we quote you a job, we will give you a price for all three brands and let you decide which is best for your needs and home. As professional painters, we have the expertise and confidence to work with all of these products.
  • What is the Chez Picasso process?
  • What is the free color consultation?
    We have a few tools to help you find the perfect color combination for your home, a service costing up to $400, and that we provide free of charge.
  • What is the free cleaning service?
    Another way for us to add value, and making your life a little easier, we give the property a complete clean from top to bottom.
  • Do we have large teams to finish projects in record time?
    We have a few teams of professional painters and depending on the size of your project and deadline we will send the team that is more appropriate for it.
  • What commission do you get for referring a customer to us?
    We give 5% of the total cost of the job once the job is paid in total. If the customer wants many jobs, we would give you 1% of any future jobs we do.
  • Do you give discounts for large jobs?
    Yes we do: 3,000 sqft = 5% Disccount 6,000 sqft = 10% Disccount 9,000 sqft = 15% Disccount We also give OTHER DISCOUNTS to recurring customers that have many properties. Ask for more information specific to your job.
  • Do you provide a warranty?
    Yes – we warranty our work for 3 to 5 years on all surfaces except floors, steps and decks.
  • How do you evaluate and hire painters?
    We are very selective in hiring our painters. Most of our painters, especially our crew leaders, have been with us for years. I trust them in the homes of my own friends and relatives.
  • What process do you use to prepare the surfaces to make sure the paint "sticks"?
    We make certain to remove all loose and flaking paint from all surfaces. Often, this is done by pressure washing or manually scraping. Sometimes, surfaces have to be scuffed up, abraded, profiled, or even primed to guarantee adhesion. That’s why we take our time where it counts – in the preparation.
  • Can I trust the painters?
    All painters that we work with are: Fully qualified tradesman Have at least 10 years’ experience But more importantly, they are: Friendly, hard-working and punctual
  • Are all your painters certified?
    Yes! we are certified by the CCQ and RBQ and all our painters are very skilled.
  • Are you insured?
    While we take all the measures to ensure a safe and clean experience, we also have an insurance for your peace of mind.
  • What ECO option can you offer me if I want to stain my wood?
    You can chose from a variety of durable, quality bio based stains. These particular stains penetrate deep into the woods’ cellulose tissues, staining and enhancing the natural wood. Some stains go well with a durable sealant or water repellent, but many are self-sufficient.
  • What are VOCs? Why are they harmful?
    VOCs stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These photo-chemical compounds create ground level ozone (smog) that we breathe. These harmful gases are emitted by conventional paints, stains, solvents, and many more toxic substances. VOC related air pollution causes eye, nose, throat and skin irritations, leading to respiratory problems, headaches and/or nausea. Prolonged contact with VOCs can lead to liver and kidney cancers, as well as damage to the central nervous system (brain).
  • How is hez Picasso Eco-friendly?
    We are dedicated to applying environmentally friendly practices to every aspect of our company. We utilize products and techniques that exceed the most stringent environmental and performance testing standards of the industry.
  • Does it cost more to use premium quality, eco-friendly painting materials?
    The premium quality, eco-friendly painting materials we use are of equivalent (or sometimes even better) durability compared to premium quality conventional products. We know they are as durable because we have done the testing ourselves. Eco-friendly painting materials are now on a little higher price range than premium quality, conventional painting materials and the coverage is only a little less, so they are slightly more expensive. .
  • How durable are the paints, stains or finishes that you use?
    The paints, stains and finishes we use are made with natural materials that are more easily absorbed into substrate surfaces. The deeper penetration can result in a longer lasting duration. In addition, the paints, stains and finishes we use are made with natural materials that make cleaning the surfaces easier.
  • When is it more important to use low VOC paints?
    Is always advised to use low VOC paints for the environment and for or health but specially for places like: -Hospitals -Maternity clinics -Kinder gardens -Schools -Kids rooms -Rooms for sensible people
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