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Are You Having Trouble Choosing Paint Colors?  Avoid Paint Color Paralysis. Get a Free Consultation.

  • A comprehensive in-home consultation with an experienced Chez Picasso expert.

  • Comprehensive information to help you choose the best colors for each space, considering specific preferences and areas.

  • Up to 10 physical A4 colour swatches of the selected colors.

What to Expect:


You can make your consultation even more productive by:


  • Find Color & Design From The Web - Check out sites like and for thousands of photos and uniquely creative ideas for your project.  You can copy and save any image to show your consultant the type of theme you'd like to create.

  • Start With Colors That Match Your Personality.

  • Build Around Pieces In Your Home - On interior painting projects furniture, fabrics, and flooring are all things that should be considered when choosing a color palette.  Identify the items that will be a constant in your home for years to come.  Fabrics and carpeting wear out and change over time, so focus on the things that you'll always want to keep, like antiques or wall art.

  • Get Inspiration From Cherished Memories - If you've ever looked at any of your old family or vacation photos and wished you could capture the color from that moment, now you can.  

  • Use the Process Of Elimination - Just as important as narrowing down what you do like is pulling examples of colors, palettes, and styles that you don't like so that your consultant will know what to eliminate.

  • Involve The Whole Family - Experts recommend that you involve members of the household -- at least those who are willing - when making your selections.  Have them participate with you in the homework process and be present and involved during the consultation.

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