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Providing Everything You Need

Commercial Painting

Are you looking for a qualified and experienced commercial painter in Montreal who can do your painting work? Whether it’s for the interior or exterior of a business, a service company, an institutional building, an industrial building or an apartment building, you can trust our team to take charge of your painting project and to deliver the highest quality results. If needed, we can carry out the work outside of your opening hours so as to not disturb your activities. Just give us a call or send us a message and one of our friendly experts will be happy to assist you.

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Standard Interior Painting

and Re-Painting

Creating Spaces you want to be in. Whether you are redecorating one room or your whole house, we can help you achieve that look you are looking for. Using top-quality products with unbeatable craftsmanship.

  • Baseboards

  • Walls

  • Ceilings

  • Frames

  • Doors

  • Banisters

  • Spindles

  • Risers

  • Treads

  • Floors



Providing Everything You Need

Fine Brush

Finish Paint Application

The ability tu make lines that look made by a robot gives a supreme look to your home, and when you look at it from close you will be perplexed by such perfect work.

Do you have a very complex or challenging painting job? Do you have an idea that need a masterful hand to be created? Do you want a spotless paint job? Then Chez Picasso is for you. Put us to the challenge and you will be amazed.


Exterior Painting

Are you thinking of renew your home’s exterior? Residential coverings are made of several materials including aluminum or vinyl. Why change great weather-resistant materials like that when a simple coat of paint can suffice to give your home a fresh new look? Our professional painters take care of preparing all surfaces and covering the areas that need to be protected. Once the painting job is finished, we make sure everything is put back in place so that you simply appreciate and enjoy your “new” home!

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Fine Finish

Spray Airless, HVLP

The main functional difference between these two sprayers is the way the paint is atomized when sprayed. An airless sprayer does not use a compressor. Instead, it uses a pressurized pump and piston to siphon paint to the gun through a fluid line, forcing it through a small orifice in the spray tip to atomize it.

An HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayer uses a compressor, or a turbine, to atomize paint. This sprayer holds paint in a cup attached to the gun or in a remote pressurized pot. The spray gun uses a fluid needle and nozzle while an airless uses a spray tip. Tell us what you need and we tell you which to use.


ECO Options


  • Suggest finishes that work with your natural lighting conditions, to accentuate the architectural beauty

  • Savvy color placement to provide an illusion of space enlargement by adding depth & dimension

  • Use design techniques to lighten dim zones or accent unique features​

  • Provide a healthier, clean & quiet project site throughout the painting process

Respect Air Quality

  • Isolate the work area to protect the Air Quality for both client and workers

  • We DO NOT use toxic paints, stains or solvents which pollute the air with their harmful off-gassing

Waste Reduction

  • Decrease potential waste by accurately estimating project materials

  • Recycle project waste materials diligently

Use Premium Eco-Friendly Products

  • The preparatory & finish materials we use are primarily non-toxic, safe & known to be the most durable available

  • Use Zero (0 g/L) VOC paints & colorants

  • Use Ultra-Low (>25g/L) VOC stains, finishes & solvents

  • Use materials that are safe during their manufacture, use & disposal

  • Allow for faster turn-around time by using safe, low to no-odor finishes

  • Avoid harmful VOCs & carcinogens found in conventional paints, stains & solvents



Providing Everything You Need

Plaster Application

From new drywall applications to restoring plasterboard and all other interior surfaces. We can take virtually any surface and repair it to our client's high standards.

  • Plastering Application on New and Old Surface.

  • Skim Coating and Level 5 approved finishes.

  • Plaster Molding Restoration and Installation

  • Venetian Plaster Application

  • Any decorative coating application

  • Stucco Spray and Trowel Application

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Wood Stain

Interior & Exterior Staining:

Not only does staining allow you to refresh and revamp wood finishes in the interior of your home, but it also increases the lifespan of your wood. This can be a cost-effective way to bring back your wood’s vibrancy without having to do costly replacements. 

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Molding Restoration

Creativity on walls and moldings. Make that wall stand out and really make an impact in your space or create that relaxing space you always wanted away from the all distractions. We are able to restore those timeless regal designs and maintain them to the highest quality. Also we can recommend you the best moldings for an astonishing design, basically moldings are the frames to beautiful walls.




Are your cabinets due for a high-quality paint or stain?

We can help you achieve just about any look you want on your cabinetry.

New Cabinets (paint or stain grade)

Change Existing Painted Cabinets (changing colour or refresh)

Convert Oak or Other Hardwood Cabinets to a Quality Painted Finish

Apply a Distressed Look, Crackle, Old World or other Unique Glazing to your Cabinets

Removal of Hardware and Reinstall

Sprayed or Hand Brushed Options

Solid Colours or Light Antique Finishes

Staining & Lacquering of Existing Wood Cabinets

Stripping Old Finish and Re-staining



Providing Everything You Need

Wallpaper Installation and Removal

The Difficulties Of DIY Wallpaper Installation:

Many people try DIY wallpaper installation. Unfortunately, they don’t anticipate it being as big of a job as it is since they don’t know they will need to:

  • Accurately measure the walls.

  • Order the right amount of wallpaper.

  • Prep the walls for application.

  • Carefully and precisely cut the paper.

  • Apply the glue correctly.

  • Meticulously apply the wallpaper to the wall while ensuring the effect is perfectly smooth and even throughout.


Epoxy Floors


  • Epoxy is commonly used for a fancy looking living room floor or for a super strong garage floor.

  • Epoxy’s Strength Comes from Its Chemical Bond a polyepoxide resin and a curative.

  • Epoxy flooring can be installed on different surfaces

  • Epoxy flooring can withstand heavy traffic

  • Epoxy flooring is almost impermeable

  • Many colors of epoxy flooring are available

  • Epoxy Can Be Used Outdoors

  • Epoxy flooring is resistant to chemical attacks


House Washing

Low-pressure house washing is a method that won't damage the siding or painted surface. Using a low setting on our powerful pressure washing machines. Low water pressure is used with a special soft washing cleaning solution.

House washing is maybe the most affordable solution to revive your home fast or also to prepare the surface for a proper exterior painting having the surface cleaned will help the paint adhere deeper, so the paint will last longer regardless of weather conditions.

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